John D. Smith CEO and Founder

Mr. Smith has a forty-year career including public accounting, business development and leadership. A native of Colorado, he is a graduate of Colorado State University. Mr. Smith started his career as a CPA with a big eight international where he acquired expertise in taxation, auditing and accounting. In 1983, Mr. Smith became the principal-in-charge and founder of JDS Professional Group, a Denver based accounting and consulting firm. His public accounting experience encompasses audits, tax consulting and general business for various types of entities and business sectors. Today, Mr. Smith remains as the managing partner of JDS Professional Group, one of Denver’s larger local-based accounting firms.

Mr. Smith also founded a host of companies dedicated to outsource business solutions including HR, payroll, benefits, accounting, staffing and recruiting and insurance services. He serves as CEO/Managing member of those business groups.

The insurance agency, OnePoint Insurance and Financial, is a growing agency model in four states including Colorado, Arizona, Florida and Texas and will continue to expand into multi-states.

JDS Professional Group, Founder and Managing Member CPA Firm Services
1983 – present
OnePoint Group of Companies, CEO HR, payroll and employee benefits
1999 – present
Crescent Capital Group, CEO Privately held real estate investing company
2006 - present
Assurance Financial Management, Founder and CEO Outsource accounting and bookkeeping
2007 – present
PeerSource Partners / NEXTAFF, Owner, Partner Staffing and Recruiting
2011 – present
OnePoint Insurance and Financial, CEO Commercial and Personal P&C, Life, Health and Annuities
2014 – present

Jeff Johnson President of the Defender Training and Mentoring System-Strategic Consultant

When OnePoint Insurance and Financial was originally founded, it was obvious that agent training and development was a key to its success. That is why one point contracted with Jeff Johnson and his Defender Training and Mentoring System.

Jeff brings over 40-years of insurance sales experience. He has won multiple awards including Multiple Line Agent of the Year, Multiple Line General Agent of the Year, and Regional Director of the Year. He has achieved this career all while using servant leadership and he strongly believes that it is not about the sale, but about the protection and peace of mind you are offering your clients. He has always been an advocate for the clients he serves. The definition of an advocate is a defender, a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

Jeff is the president and founder of the Defender Training and Mentoring System.  He created this system because of the great need to address why advisors and leaders fail, fear. Our solutions will teach you how to step outside of your comfort zone in order to find the courage to overcome and master your fear and achieve the true joy of success.

“Courage is not lack of fear, but control of fear, mastering of fear.”
- Mark Twain

About the Defender Training and Mentoring System:

We believe that advisors should take responsibility for their performance. At The Defender Training and Mentoring System, we introduce insurance industry advisors and leaders to a fountain of knowledge that is essential to their growth and development. We do this through our innovative system of sustainability, mentoring, and training systems.

Englewood, Colorado’s The Defender Training and Mentoring System aims to help insurance advisors, leaders, and salespeople become better at what they do by significantly increasing their sales activity. We are here to guide you through your journey to excellence by providing you with the skills you need to develop your strengths and overcome your fears. Please visit www.thedefendertraining.com for more information.

Kelly Dutton Managing Agent, Marketing Director

Kelly brings over twenty-four years of business development and sales experience. She has a proven history of success in her executive positions in the areas of real estate, financial and insurance organizations. Kelly has a strong business acumen with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to lead and contribute to new venture developments. She as a keen business sense and a fearless drive to formulate and drive new business concepts.

As the Managing Agent and Marketing Director for OnePoint Insurance and Financial, Kelly is an integral part of the growth and expansion of the agency model in Colorado, Arizona, Florida and Texas with further expansion into multi-markets planned in 2022. Kelly has the unique opportunity to support clients with not only commercial and personal lines, life, health and annuities but also a host of outsource business solutions via the sister companies that include, HR, payroll, tax, accounting and staffing and recruiting.

It is Kelly’s passion to support and advocate for her clients’ success in their business growth while providing them with a customized scope of solutions to contribute to their effectiveness and overall success.

Kelly holds a P&C and Health and Life Insurance License in Colorado, Arizona, Florida and Texas with plans to grow with the agency into further markets. She has also maintained an active Colorado Real Estate License since 2005.

Heather Bradley Recruiting Manager

Heather was born and raised in Rockford, IL and graduated from Northern Illinois University. She relocated across the country to Denver, Colorado in 2017 and does not miss the Midwest weather at all. Heather is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan since birth and loves to go fishing whenever she can. She also has over 9 years of insurance claims experience. Heather is the central hub of OnePoint’s operations, wearer of many hats, highly creative, and extraordinarily organize. If you need anything at all, Heather will be happy to assist you, so please reach out.